Developing Clean & Sustainable Future

Mini-IPP Platform

Growth-oriented Solar Mini-IPP Platform

Brite Energy Partners (“BEP”) is a solar mini-IPP platform which develops and finances small utility scale solar farms in Korea. Brite Energy Partners focuses on the asset ownership model, where it seeks to achieve higher capital efficiency and profitability, which will redefine Korean solar market and raise the bar for the entire industry to transition to the next phase of Korean solar market growth.

Develop / Buy

Brite Energy Partners will develop and acquire solar and other renewable energy projects, benefitting from its broad experience across project development, project finance and M&A.


Brite Energy Partners will build solar farms and achieve the lowest LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) based on its integrated approach to procurement, technology, and finance. The cost leadership and the high build quality are better managed together with Brite Energy Partners overseeing the entire construction process.

Own and Operate

The leadership team has an outstanding operational track record of 250MW solar PV and 100MWh of co-located battery storage, which will add great value to the ongoing management of the assets.

Value Add

True value of a Korean solar portfolio has long been undiscovered to its full potential and many hidden values still remain unlocked. Brite Energy Partners will aim to maximize such value with a differentiated approach, financial expertise and active asset management.

BEP Team by numbers

The key individuals at Brite Energy Partners have a strong track record across investment, finance, and operation in the global renewables market over the past 10 years.